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Nina Fellows is a selective program that offers our exceptional interns the opportunity for continuous learning and engagement with the world of venture capital. Nina Fellows are former Nina Interns who work closely with the Nina investment team after their internship ends, applying their skills to activities in a broad spectrum—from discovering the best founders to representing Nina Capital at international events, researching cutting-edge technologies and unmet clinical needs, analyzing companies and market trends, and supporting portfolio companies.




Our Fellows tailor the experience to what they want to learn and contribute. Also, Fellows help strengthen the entrepreneurial communities of their regions and on their campuses, with a long and enduring commitment to the venture-backed ecosystem which they have entered by joining Nina. Fellows are expected to commit no more than ~8-10 hours per month, depending on the academic calendar or demands of their professions. They are also invited to the Nina Capital Annual Summit, an event reserved for members of Nina’s platform. We are building a diverse group of Nina Fellows with different backgrounds, interests, degrees, and geographies.


We believe our Fellows will go on to amazing careers in entrepreneurship, venture, healthcare, and technology, during which they will continue to serve others with the same enthusiasm and dedication which we have seen them demonstrate during their internship.

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