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data-artwork by nina's friend giorgia lupi

author of dear data

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We invest in both healthcare tools (solutions designed to help healthcare organizations be better at what they do) and medical devices (solutions intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of a disease). 

nina capital investments
fund 2 : 2021 - present


nina capital investments
fund 1 : 2019 - 2021

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ALVARO Sánchez-Ferro, Chief Medical Officer


Nina Capital is a really smart and “hands on” investment group that has not only supported our company financially, but provided key top-notch advice. They have backed up important strategic decisions such as our pivotal trials design and the definition of our regulatory pathway. Their commitment is extraordinary and as an additional example they provided support in our fundraising process even pitching with us in front of an SME panel. We will definitely choose Nina Capital again.

GUIDO Magrin, Chief Executive Officer


Nina Capital is the seed stage health-tech venture capital firm with the best understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare space. They actively supported our fundraising process and helped sharpen the message around our value proposition, also by mobilizing the experts in their close network. The first venture capital firm to believe in TeiaCare, it has rapidly become our key ally for boosting our international presence.

MARKUS Holzer, Chief Executive Officer


As a founder I carefully pick the team and people I work with and I am very excited to have the smart and motivated team of supporting us on our journey to providing high quality healthcare to more people. Their vast expertise in the med-tech domain, network to potential partners and investors, combined with an understanding of early stage startups and what founders have to go through makes it a pleasure to work together with them.

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