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In our investment criteria and process, we are informed by a Stanford-born methodology of health technology innovation known as Biodesign. Since 2001, Biodesign has proven to de-risk the process of new venture creation by applying a need-driven and value-based approach to reinventing healthcare with the help of technology. (To learn more about the methodology, head to The Student Guide to Biodesign, developed by a team of Stanford instructors and students who are passionate about education and making high-quality learning materials available and accessible to all.)


We see our sweet spot at seeding founders who are marrying in-depth understanding of the complex network of healthcare system participants with meaningful engineering innovation, advanced data science, and information technology-enabled products and services. From our home base in Europe, we look for and support need-driven founders determined to effectively and efficiently serve these participants internationally.


We invest broadly across Europe, including the United Kingdom, in the United States, Canada, Israel, and Australia, with a collaborative approach in how we work and interact with other players in our industry. Our goal is to help thoughtful and committed teams bridge the chasm from founding to series A capital and access global markets. 

To learn more about our process, click here.


we are committed to need-driven founders with international ambitions.

Our sweet spot is preseed and seed. We back bold entrepreneurs moved by unmet needs to transform healthcare, through the meaningful application of technology.


with focus on data, computing, networks,
and other digital, information, and deep technologies


we prefer to invest at the preseed and seed stages,

and follow-on in select portfolio companies as they reach series A readiness


our ground zero is Barcelona,

our goal is to invest across the European continent, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Israel, and Australia


we uphold principles of Biodesign in our investment approach,

confident that need-driven technology ventures generate the highest value in healthcare and for their investors

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