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fund 1 : 2019 - present

replica analytics (CA)
a way to generate data that preserves the same statistical properties of the original healthcare data, while retaining none of the identifiable properties of the individual data points, in order to safely foster innovation and enable research and development
biolib (DK, US)
a way for life science organizations to deploy third-party bioinformatics tools on their own data safely, quickly, and easily
sarcura (AT)
a way to bring automation to the process of manufacturing cell therapies
in order to reduce cost and time to bring these life-saving treatments to cancer patients
subtle medical (US)
a way to increase the speed of image acquisition and reduce the dose of contrast in MR and PET without trade off in image quality, in order to increase throughput and comfort of patients during image acquisition
earlysight (CH)
a way to detect retinal diseases early in patients who do not yet present with vision loss symptoms, in order to aid clinical decisions and monitor disease progression
methinks (ES)
a way to deliver a differential diagnosis and inform clinical decisions in stroke management in order to reduce the time to personalized, precise treatment.
terapet (CH)
a way to verify in-situ doses for proton therapy in order to provide cancer patients with a safer and more precise treatment that minimizes radiation damage to healthy cells, and reduces treatment cost
ultromics (UK, US)
a way to reduce variability in making and interpreting measurements from echocardiograms, for the accurate assessment of cardiovascular diseases
segmed (US, NL)
a way to deliver diverse, curated medical data to developers in order to empower quality medical AI development
neurescue (DK)
a way to perform REBOA safely without imaging guidance in patients after cardiac arrest in order to improve survival
plenoptika (US, ES)
a way to provide accurate, portable, affordable, and easy measurement of a person's refractive error and prescription for glasses
elypta (SE)
a way to accurately and non-invasively detect the first symptoms of recurrence of renal cell carcinoma
contextflow (AT)
a way to support radiologists’ routine workflow during the process of image interpretation in order to reduce the time required for accurate diagnosis
mindpeak (DE)
a way to support the time-consuming, complex process of pathological diagnostics for pathology labs to ensure consistency in quality of interpretation and lower cost of interpretation per slide
kheiron medical (UK)
a way to support radiologists’ image interpretation in order to improve accuracy and efficiency of breast cancer detection while reducing costs
teiacare (IT)
a way to detect movement for bedridden elderly patients in nursing homes in order to improve the quality and reporting of care
leuko (US, ES)
a way to check white blood cells levels for patients receiving chemotherapy in order to monitor risk of infections and thus decrease the number of hospitalizations
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ALVARO Sánchez-Ferro, Chief Medical Officer


Nina Capital is a really smart and “hands on” investment group that has not only supported our company financially, but provided key top-notch advice. They have backed up important strategic decisions such as our pivotal trials design and the definition of our regulatory pathway. Their commitment is extraordinary and as an additional example they provided support in our fundraising process even pitching with us in front of an SME panel. We will definitely choose Nina Capital again.

GUIDO Magrin, Chief Executive Officer


Nina Capital is the seed stage health-tech venture capital firm with the best understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare space. They actively supported our fundraising process and helped sharpen the message around our value proposition, also by mobilizing the experts in their close network. The first venture capital firm to believe in TeiaCare, it has rapidly become our key ally for boosting our international presence.

MARKUS Holzer, Chief Executive Officer


As a founder I carefully pick the team and people I work with and I am very excited to have the smart and motivated team of supporting us on our journey to providing high quality healthcare to more people. Their vast expertise in the med-tech domain, network to potential partners and investors, combined with an understanding of early stage startups and what founders have to go through makes it a pleasure to work together with them.

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 data-artwork by giorgia lupi

biolib (DK, US)

a way for life science organizations to deploy third-party bioinformatics tools on their own data safely, quickly, and easily

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